Police lights

NORTH KANSAS CITY — Two people are now in police custody after a possible hostage situation in North Kansas City Wednesday.

The incident started after police chased a dark-colored SUV that had been linked to an investigation of property damage, states information from the Kansas City Police Department.

The vehicle stopped east of the Christopher S. Bond Bridge and Interstate 29, but the driver allegedly refused to exit the vehicle, officers said. Information from the police department said officers, believing a hostage situation may have been unfolding, tried to break the windows of the vehicle so they could talk with the driver.

Police said the possible hostage was safe and speaking with officers.

The incident ended near North American Safety Valve in the 1700 block of Warren Street. Nearby businesses were placed on lockdown by officers. After a brief chase, police used a tactical move to spin out the SUV. An armored vehicle and police vehicles then blocked the SUV and the two people inside surrendered.