NKC Schools expand drive-thru pickup meals

North Kansas City Schools expands the drive-thru meal pickup as part of a comprehensive food distribution plan, according to a district press release. Working with the Clay County Public Health Center on food access for students during school closures, the district shifts to Phase 2 of our food distribution plan on Monday, April 13.

Phase 2 increases the meal pickup time from four to 12 sites. Meal delivery by bus continues for families with unique needs and extenuating circumstances. Since meal distribution began four weeks ago, the district prepares up to 10,000 meals each day. Local health officials advise changing the district’s service model will help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Upon building closures, NKC Schools immediately implemented a comprehensive plan to provide food for district families. Preparing for any possible scenario the pandemic might present, multiple phases were outlined to continue this much-needed resource.

As school districts throughout the state and nation report incidents of food distribution workers contracting COVID-19, NKC Schools collaborated with Clay County Public Health to determine the right time to shift to Phase 2 of the distribution plan.

Each bag of food distributed contains breakfast and lunch items.

Pickup time is 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.