ETC Leading the Way Award 2021.jpg

Gladstone received one of the ETC Institute’s Leading the Way awards for this year.

ETC was founded in 1982 by Elaine Tatham to help governmental organizations gather data from residents to enhance community planning. The Kansas-based business is now a national corporation.

In a letter to City Manager Scott Wingerson, the award is described as one created to recognize local governments for outstanding achievement in the delivery of services to residents.

Recipients of the award rank in the top 10% of all local governments in the United States with regard to their composite performance in three core areas that are assessed of ETC Institute’s DirectionFinder Survey: satisfaction with the overall quality of services, satisfaction with customer service provided by employees and satisfaction with the value residents think they receive for local taxes and fees.

A maximum of 100 points are awarded in each of these three areas based on the results of the survey. In order to rank in the top 10% of all cities, a city must have received a composite score of 210 or higher, which means the city scored an average of at least 70 points in all three areas.

Gladstone surpassed the threshold by 20 points. The average composite score for all cities in the United States is 154.

Since 1999, this survey has been administered to nearly 2 million residents in all 50 states.

This class of recipients for ETC Institute’s Leading the Way Award were selected from nearly 200 communities that participated in ETC Institute’s DirectionFinder survey between September 2020 and February 2021.