CLAY COUNTY — Scott Wagner said his win of the newly created Clay County Western Seat 2 commission seat Aug. 2 affords him an opportunity he doesn’t plan to squander. In the race for the newly-minted seat the carries a four-year term, Wagner captured 53.% of the votes cast or 8,875 votes. In the uncertified count from Clay County Election Board, there were 16,666 total votes cast. Since he captured more than 50% of the total, based on county constitutional language, Wagner won the seat and no general election in November will be held. Fellow candidate Sharon Spero took 5,084, nearly 31%, of the total votes cast while Rodney Phillips garnered 2,707 votes or 16%. “When I can be done tonight, it’s a huge relief,” Wagner said. “I can start concentrating on the job to come rather than another three months before the general election. It’s really a big relief. The plan is not to waste this opportunity.” As for next steps, Wagner said he wants to meet with the current commissioners and see what their concerns and hopes are for the county as well as sharing his. “We can set the table,” he explained. “When January rolls around, I can be prepared. I also plan to talk with the many communities in the western district. I want to understand their priorities and be ready to advocate for them.” Wagner said rather than four or six weeks to start that learning curve, he gets five months. “I can see what our communities are looking for,” he said. “I do believe my background as a Kansas City councilman helped some in a race like this. At the polls, I talked about some of my experiences, but the voters I interacted with asked me what I intend to do for the county. We talked about the five-year business and finance plan, transparency, the needs at the jail. … I think that sealed the deal. My council experience gets you in the door, but what you plan to do next gets you through it.” Wagner described the western district as all city and no unincorporated land. “With that, I have to get an understanding of what people are looking for,” he said. “I can share what impact we can make and help instruct what the county can excel at and what the limitations are. It helps me to understand governance, but the real goal is to be part of the solutions needed that impact the entire county.”

Scott Wagner

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