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Previous articles from the city have discussed common code violations, how to report them, what happens after a report is filed and the timeline for abatement. It’s also important to understand the difference between a code violation and what might be a personal preference, or if an issue is something that should be addressed by another city department.

You may think something is a code violation, but it might not be. There may be times when you might not like a particular condition but, unless it violates a city code, the Community Development department will not be able to address it. For example, you may not consider children’s toys and year-round Christmas decorations your idea of yard art, but they are not necessarily code violations.

Our city codes prohibit residents from parking on the lawn or making major repairs in the driveway, but they do not restrict multiple motor vehicles, including recreational vehicles and boats, from being parked on the driveway or an approved paved surface as long it is properly licensed, the tires are inflated and the vehicle is not in a state of disrepair.

A motor vehicle that is parked on the street in a manner that blocks your driving view or driveway is not a code violation, but it is a safety issue. Safety issues, vehicles with flat tires or without tags and issues involving motor vehicles that are parked on city streets should be reported to Public Safety.

Call the nonemergency number is 436-3550 or visit

It is a code violation to blow your leaves and grass trimmings into the street or storm drain, but Gladstone residents are not required to rake their leaves.

In addition, leaves blown by the wind into your yard are not a violation, just the work of Mother Nature. Tree branches that hang over sidewalks or houses do have height restrictions and are required to be trimmed back.

Barking or free roaming dogs and questions about raising chickens fall under the jurisdiction of the animal control officers. But, again, Mother Nature is in control when it comes to squirrels, raccoons and other wildlife. Animal Control can be contacted by calling 436-1810 or visiting

The Public Works department responds to concerns about potholes, street debris, streetlights that are out and street sign repairs. Public Works can be contacted by calling 436-5442 or visiting

Bonfires are not allowed in the city, but fire pits can be used. Contact the Fire Marshall for safety guidelines and any questions about fire safety at 423-4081.

We hope this information will help you reach the correct department or departments to assist you with your concerns and clarify areas where the city does not have authority to intervene. With our city departments and residents working together, we can all be involved in improving our city.

This article is the sixth of a monthly series provided by the city of Gladstone to help residents understand property maintenance regulations and enforcement.