What color ozone alerts mean

Warm weather is perfect for outdoor activities, but summer heat also brings increased chances that the Kansas City region will experience an ozone alert day.

“While ozone pollution is harmful to everyone, it is especially harmful to children, older adults, people with asthma and other respiratory diseases, and people who are active outdoors,” states a release from Mid-America Regional Council.

To help people stay safe and breathe easy while outdoors this summer, MARC offers the following tips:

• Sign up to receive SkyCast notifications at http://greaterkc.enviroflash.info/. SkyCast is the ozone forecast for the Kansas City region. Issued daily by 4 p.m., it tells residents what air quality conditions are most likely to be for the next day.

• Talk to children's caregivers. Parents and guardians should check with coaches and camp directors to see if they know about the health risks of air pollution and are ready to take steps to protect kids when air quality is unhealthy. If a child has asthma, it is important that caregivers know he or she is especially vulnerable when unhealthy air quality is forecast. Make sure caregivers know how to use rescue inhalers or other respiratory related medication your child uses.

• Limit the time children spend outdoors. When the SkyCast predicts elevated ozone levels, plan strenuous outdoor activities for early morning hours. Let children play indoors in an area with a good air filtration system.

To find more air-friendly tips for your daily commute, home or business, visit our website at AirQKC.org.