The Northland Coalition, with the support of Tri-County Mental Health Services and several member community coalitions, launched a multimedia campaign to provide support to parents, grandparents and other caretakers dedicated to helping their children thrive, states a press release.

The campaign expands the messaging and parental tools of the original Parent Up KC campaign, which began in 2012, and reaches communities in Clay, Platte and Ray counties. 

The recently launched campaign communicates the Parent Up message on a variety of platforms directing community members to an enhanced, expanded website at

Found on the site is contact information for the campaign and an opportunity to sign up to receive periodic newsletters. Additionally, it provides parents tools and resources to help guide children in making healthy life choices such as being free of substance use, the release states.

The focus of the campaign revolves around the evidence-based prevention Parent Up 4-C’s model: Care, Connect, Communicate and Careful Attention.

“It is a proven fact that parents have the greatest influence on their children as far as their decision to not use alcohol and other drugs,” said Laura Bruce, prevention program development specialist for Tri-County Mental Health Services. “Parent Up KC is here to prevent all underage drug use by encouraging and equipping parents to care, connect, communicate and pay careful attention to their children.”

Bruce added that there is also information on youth drug trends such as use of alcohol, marijuana, vaping and prescription drug misuse and how to identify if a child might be starting to use any of them.