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Children should not play in streets unless they know where cars and other vehicles are at all times. Most times, kids should learn how to cross the road in a safe and orderly fashion.

Crossing the street safely is an essential lesson that all children must learn. After all, this simple behavior can actually be a matter of life and death.

The following are tips for parents to teach their kids how to cross the street:

• Be familiar with traffic signs such as the moving light signal of a man walking, which turns red or green to signify people can cross the street.

• Always look first to your left and then right, and be aware of moving vehicles at all times, even bicycles.

• Know how to walk within the white lines on the road when crossing.

• Try to cross the street with other people.

• Avoid dawdling or engaging in other activities while walking such as using a cellphone or looking for something in your bag. No horseplay.

• When walking the streets, children should avoid possible distractions to keep them focused on where they are going. This may include not wearing headphones or playing handheld games.

• People should where they are going and should not wander.

There are many traffic safety tips we can share with our children to keep them safe when we can’t be with them.

As parents, we can set a good example for our children by always following traffic safety rules ourselves as children learn by example. As parents, it is our duty to remind our kids about traffic safety. Parents should take a proactive stance on this matter by taking time to discuss safety with children.

Bryan Boydson is a sergeant with Gladstone Police, which operates under Gladstone Public Safety. Nonemergency police dispatch can be reached at 436-3550.